Behind the Buds: Episode 1

We are extremely excited to start a new feature on the OGEN website - Behind the Buds! This monthly feature will give you a deeper dive into a true OGENaut from our cultivation team. We get to see what makes them shine everyday, but we think its even more important that you see that too.

This month, we’d like to focus on one of our incredible growers. Nate has been with us since early 2020 and is one of our most experienced and knowledgeable members in the cultivation department, what we like to call “A growers grower!”. With his wealth of legacy cannabis knowledge and great enthusiasm, Nate is an integral part of the team and helps to produce quality plants and often takes extra initiative for improving plant health at the facility.

⁠Nate, thank you for catching up with us. How and when did you get started with cannabis?

⁠I got involved with cannabis in 2004, my older brother taught me how to get started when we were growing up in BC together. We would grow together outdoors on mountainsides far out on the middle of the boonies, alongside fast flowing creeks, and dense forests. It was a beautiful growing cannabis in the mountains, enjoying nature, taking in the scenery, disconnecting from the world. It was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget. I am so grateful that I’m able to utilize and apply my past experiences with todays growing industry. Thank you for asking!

Do you have a preference between growing indoor and outdoor?

I honestly love growing both, it’s a hard choice. I love being able to have control of the plants environment in the indoors. But I also believe mother nature will always do its best, outdoor also brings a completely different line of challenges to overcome and learn from. So, I’m going to have to choose option C… All the above!

What would your favourite music be to grow and smoke to?

My favorite music to grow and smoke to would be reggae or light hip hop, for example: Mendo DopeLegends, Red In Your Eyes, Pheno Hunter Music. Mostly music that has a positive vibe and a good message.

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world to smoke and lean about cannabis, where would you go?

Well, my folks are from Holland, our family always talked about planning a trip back to go and see family out there. Conveniently, it just happens to be an excellent place to learn and explore more about cannabis and their culture!

"⁠I got involved with cannabis in 2004, my older brother taught me how to get started when we were growing up in BC together."