Behind The Buds: Episode 2

Behind the buds is back! This time we are extremely excited to introduce to you Kathryn, one of our amazing QA technician and employee of the month! Throughout her time here at OGEN, Kathryn has graced the hallways with kindness and is always willing to lend a hand to make sure the job gets done! Prior to this position, she never would have imagined that she’d be working in the Canadian Cannabis industry as it is still illegal in the Philippines. Soon after establishing herself in production, she quickly found herself moving up the ladder and into the quality assurance department. Her vibe is contagious, and she will always give you a great big smile and “Hello!” in passing. We took a moment to hangout with Katheryn and get her take on her role, the industry, as well as some other tidbits for you!

OGEN: What sparked your interest in working in the Cannabis industry?

K: The industry is still rather new to me; I don’t actually smoke cannabis. What interested me the most is that they grow it herein Canada where it is legal.  Where I’m from (The Philippines), it is still illegal to smoke cannabis and because of that there is a heavy stigma against it! I was very curious about it for when I arrived in Canada. I didn’t know what to expect or what it could looks like, how many different kinds there could be. Now that the plant is in front of me and I’m working with it everyday, I’ve gained lots of respect for the plant. The smells are also amazing!

OGEN: What are some of the tasks you enjoy doing around the facility?  

K: Like the other employees here, I get to see the changes and how the plants grow differently amongst each other. I get excited to see a lot of the progression between the different strains and how they thrive in different environments. I enjoy doing room checks, creating labels, plant tags, and being present for all the learning that my role has given me.

OGEN: Has any of our strains stood out to you during your time here?

K: I think Gas Berries #112 would be my favorite! It was one of the first ones I got to work with. The smell and size of the colas really stood out to me as something unique during my room checks!

At OGEN,  we are driven by our need for continual improvement and the passion we have for great bud!

If you are looking for a new career in the cannabis industry, please have a visit to our careers page on our website by clicking here.

...Now that the plant is in front of me and I’m working with it everyday, I’ve gained lots of respect for the plant...