Better Buds + Innovation

The cannabis industry is fierce, hard to enter, and difficult to maintain success in when the market is expanding every day. There are always new challenges that require working as a cohesive team to be successful and OGEN is always looking for new and innovative ways to do so. Some of the questions we find we often ask are: What can we do to stay relevant and original? How can we adapt? What can we do better? We wish it was easy to answer to these questions, but the reality is that it takes a lot of intense and passionate work! We all want to have beautiful dense buds with distinctive smells that showcase our team’s passion and hard work for the product. Over the past year, we have mobilized an internal task force that comes together on a weekly basis to discuss new methods and ideas to make us better in all areas .Our approach to challenging the idea of one single leader in cultivation. We decided that 12 heads are better than 1, and this is what we call the Process Improvement Committee (PIC team).

Every week, we gather and have discussions rooted in science and directed by our teams’ experiences and research. We talk about everything from different growing procedures and strategies for our variety of cultivars, adjustments to the grow environments, drying techniques, trim styles, phenohunting, how to get bigger buds, choosing phenos, exploring terpenes…we could go on, but we think you get the idea! These meetings bring changes, big and small, to our processes right away.

An example of one of our first completed PIC treatments is how we modified our trimming process. We discussed methods on better ways to handle buds in trim in an effort to increase our quality output. Significant results came from something as small as holding cannabis by the stem without touching the buds during trimming. It almost sounds obvious, but because of the documentation mentality of the PIC team, we were able to back it up through the data and tests collected during the process and prove it was the right move for us to make.

We’ve had many conversations in the past when it comes to traditionally having a single leader in cultivation. Our biggest take-away from these conversations is that a dozen “heady” heads is better than one. Everyone involved brings a piece to the table and contributes their 2 cents to better ourselves and to “ante-up” the cannabis market through innovation.

...Significant results came from something as small as holding cannabis by the stem without touching the buds during trimming...