We Brought Our Moms To Work. Here’s What They Had To Say.

Most moms have not seen a cannabis production facility before, so we thought - let’s bring them to work. This was a rare opportunity for our moms to see our pristine facility, get a glimpse of what we do on a daily basis and be surrounded by live plants. We suited them up in full uniform, hairnet (sorry to squish your nice hair mom), gloves, masks and booties. The tour was led by one of our founders, Steve Dunphy. He showed them the veg and flower rooms and wrapped up the tour with a photo opp in the mother room. Our moms with our plant moms, it was sweet. While we had our moms at the facility we decided to surprise them with an interview. With so much stigma flying around cannabis, we wondered how our moms felt about it. We asked them things like how do you feel about your son or daughter working for a licensed producer, when was the first time you got high and do you know what dank means? Watching our moms talk about their experience with cannabis and seeing the proud smile beam from their faces, it was refreshing and heartwarming. Our mothers approved. 

See it for yourself, Moms of Bloom and what they had to say.