What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Is Trying To Get Into The Cannabis Industry?

The truth is, cannabis jobs are in high demand and the challenge is standing out from all the other candidates. To give you some perspective, we received 500 resumes for a Trimmer position in just four days. When we hire, regardless of the role, we are looking for candidates with long-term potential. By taking the Cannabis Production course at Olds College and getting your home grow license, you’re demonstrating that you’re serious about this industry and investing in your own skills. People with hands-on growing experience will have a leg up (ideally commercial but home grow experience helps). The more plant knowledge you possess the better. Those who have grown plants or cannabis before will have an understanding of how plants react to environmental conditions, they can diagnose nutrient deficiencies, recognize signs of pest and have an overall base knowledge of plant care.

At Bloom Cultivation, we are firm believers that the learning never stops. In addition to gaining  experience in growing, we encourage you to constantly read and research the industry, growing methods, and new technology. The more you know, the more you can speak about it. Our employees including the Lead Growers are always reading, researching, learning and sharing their knowledge with one another.

Furthermore, we also recognize the importance of learning from other subject-matter experts. We are humbled when we meet Plant Scientists or other Master Growers with more experience and knowledge. In fact, we purposely seek them out and invite them to our facility to teach our team. You can do the same by getting out there, meeting people that work at LPs (licensed producers) and immersing yourself in the cannabis industry. Attend speaker events and tradeshows to speak directly to knowledge-experts and absorb as much as you can from them.

Last but not least, be positive and passionate, have a can-do attitude and be diligent. Keep applying, keep networking, and keep learning. Your hard work will payoff.

Keep applying, keep networking, and keep learning. Your hard work will payoff.