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Limited Drop - #12

Craft Dinnah

Craft Dinnah #12 is OGEN’s first strain in the rotating PHENOHUNT Sativa series - packing a wallop of cheesy goodness in both aroma and flavour this will instantly become a timeless classic because of its chunky nugs and rich cheesy tang!

24 - 28%
Terpene Range
2 - 4%
Sativa Dominant
Format (g)
3.5/7/14 PREROLLS


Rich, Gassy & Cheesey


Orange pistols with sticky trichomes


Sticky buds!


Grilled cheese sandwiches


The way the plant grows versus how it impacts you is different person to person, we’re keen to hear from you just what that experience is! The bar to the right is a culmination from feedback from OGENauts – let us know where you landed!


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