Core Cultivator - #11

Space Flight Superstar

Space Flight Superstar # 11 is OGEN’s cosmic hybrid pheno. Launching with smells of rocket fuel and candy, a blast of aromas is unlocked after being busted – yielding an interstellar mix of fruity, creamy, pastry like flavours. Its cone shaped, lime green nugs have fiery orange pistils and sparkling trichomes that will have you counting down to liftoff!

#11 was the winner due to this pheno’s aesthetic structure which is composed of clusters of small bracts and

19 - 25%
> 1%
Sativa Dominant
Format (g)
3.5 / 7 / 28


A knock in the nose, the initial onset of fuel launches into a mix of fruity, creamy, pastry like aromas


Conical stacked buds, almost…rocket like


Dense hard nugs that leave a stick residue behind


A fruity base that leans more into fuel


The way the plant grows versus how it impacts you is different person to person, we’re keen to hear from you just what that experience is! The bar to the right is a culmination from feedback from OGENauts – let us know where you landed!


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