Lead Grower - Flower Stage


What is your driving reason to work in the cannabis industry?

Passion. I always said if pot was legal, I would absolutely be a part of it. Why? Because I believe in the plant, its potential and the people it has brought together.

What kind of industry changes do you hope to see in the future for cannabis?

Farm to gate. Imagine a cannabis market similar to wine where you could go on cannabis producer tours or simply go direct to purchase. Who knows, maybe we could become a region known for fine cannabis, much like Napa Valley is to wine.

What is your favourite legal market moment?

October17 2018, legalization day! For me this was a long time coming, a day I had dreamed of and now, I get to be a kind of pioneer, at the forefront of a new industry with such potential. I get to be part of something which is undoubtedly just the beginning of world-wide legalization, acceptance and understanding of cannabis. I celebrated this glorious day by listening to Peter Tosh’s ‘Legalize it’ on repeat.

What first interested you about growing?

At first, I wanted free weed but after growing my first plant I was hooked.

If you were a strain of weed, what strain would you be and why?

Where’s my bike. When I smoke, you can often hear me saying where’s my…

Skunky, sweet, fruity, or gassy?

Gas all day!

Joint, bong, vape or edible?


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