Dry & Cure Supervisor - Cure Stage


What is your driving reason to work in the cannabis industry?

I am excited about getting to work in an industry that has a lot of room for innovation, experimentation, and process improvement. These things keep me engaged and passionate about my work.

What kind of industry changes do you hope to see in the future for cannabis?

I would like to see changed around excise tax to allow smaller producers to flourish and to attract talented growers and extractors from the legacy market.

What is your favourite recreational market moment?

My favourite recreational market moment was seeing product that we work so hard on in stores for the first time. I still have the container from our first product drop!

What’s your favourite part of your day at work?

My favourite part of the day is running moisture tests on batches that are in the process of drying and curing. It is interesting to collect data and then to see that pay off when it leads to improved quality in our flower.

Who is your go to Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros’ character?

Mario all the way! For Kart and Smash.

Favourite Calgary Restaurant?

Pho Dau Bo!

Joint, bong, vape or edibles?

Bong at home, joint on the go!

Skunky, sweet, fruity, or gassy?


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