Dry and Cure Lead - Harvest Stage

Chris B

What is your driving reason to work in the cannabis industry?

For me, I am definitely driven by wanting to pursue innovation and fact within the industry, On top of wanting to bring an amazing quality product to market with great terpenes and moisture content.

Changes I hope to see in the industry in the future?

In the future I hope the cannabis market and regulations can loosed and allow for a fresher product to market with less packaging and more emphasis on consumer end quality. A long with a shift in the market away from high THC content being one of the sole drivers of “good cannabis”.

Favourite part of your day at work?

My favourite part of the day is performing end of dry testing and curing. I love being able to get a hands on feel of the product and using LOD and AW testing to be able to put quantifiable data to what we are feeling and seeing in the drying and curing phases.  Being able to put data and evidence together with what we are looking for as cannabis consumers in an end product helps us to ensure that we are getting what we want out of each lot we process.

Who is your go to Mario Kart character?

Waluigi. Waluigi is the catalyst between victory and opponent aggravation on the track. *Insert Waluigi Noises*

Favourite legal cannabis moment?

The brief moment in time that Trailer Park Buds was around…. Water under the fridge now.

Joint, Bong or vape?


Sweet, Fruit or Gas?


Favourite music after blazing?

Anything Rap

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