Operations Manager - Logistics & Planning


What is your driving reason to work in the cannabis industry? 

I wanted to experience the momentum and improvement over time of a brand-new legal industry, where many challenges would be faced to operate in a regulated environment, while competing with an illegal market & other legal cannabis producer to fulfill the craft cannabis needs of Canadian cannabis market.

What kind of industry changes do you hope to see in the future for cannabis?

I would love to see a more qualitative approach to assess cannabis quality, instead of the quantitative metric based purely on total THC/CBD.

What is your favourite legal market moment?

I never smoked cannabis until it was legalized, so my favorite legal market moment was for sure when I smoked weed for the first time around November 2017.

What’s your favorite part of your day at work?

My favorite part is to learn while working with the OGEN team, we all learn from each other daily, but I wish people could see how much effort and dedication we put into all the tasks that are required daily to push a mid-size cannabis company forward in the current market. Demand planning is one of the most complex tasks we deal with in our day-to-day operation due to the level of complexity and variability that the cannabis industry faces, as it grows as a legal industry.

Who is your go to Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros’ character?

Donkey Kong used to be my favorite Mario Kart character until Jan 2020, when my daughter was born and that triggered me to start using Peach as that Character reminded me of my baby girl… maybe won races after I am still sticking with Peach!!!!

Favorite Calgary restaurant?

My favorite food place in Calgary is a locally owned and operated restaurant named Blue Star Diner, currently located in the heart of the Bridgeland community surrounding the downtown area.

What’s your favourite munchie/snack?

Peanut Butter without a doubt.

Best tunes to groove to after a good toke

I personally enjoy J Cole or a good Spanish trap.

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