Lead Grower - Propagation Stage


What’s your favourite thing to add to mac and cheese stoned?

Bacon, DUH!

What movie would you watch high?

ALL of them, I think all activities including movies are better stoned, I think How High is probably my favorite, “study high, take the test high, get high scores” 😊

What first interested you about growing?

Cannabis has been a passion of mine for 15 years, After doing a little cannabis trimming/mom pruning in California, my love for growing sparked. Having a garden when I was young made me realize how gratifying growing plants can be. 😊

If you were a strain of weed, what strain would you be and why?

Any strain that taste and smells great 😊

Who is your go to Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros’ character?

Mario hands down-that mustache doesn’t go unnoticed

Favourite munchie?

Nachos for life

Joint, bong, vape or edible?

Joint or a dry flower vape

Favourite Calgary restaurant?

LuLu Bar

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