Sr. Cultivation Technician - Veg Stage


What is your driving reason to work in the cannabis industry?

My driving reason is that it feels good to put my energy into something I’m passionate about. It’s new and exciting with lots of opportunities.

Who is your go to Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros' character?

Favourite super smash character is Ness. Always wear the bumblebee outfit and yoyo trap on ledge to upset my enemies.

What’s your favourite part of your day at work?

Plant structure is important to me, and the cultivation process as a whole. In the Veg stage at OGEN we prepare plants for the flowering phase by pruning to a desired structure based on strain. Reducing physical variation between plants leads to more consistent end product. It’s very satisfying looking back and seeing a room of plants ready to bloom, like freshly cut lines of grass. Anytime you catch me in a room doing plant work is when I’m the happiest, tunes blasting of course.

What movie would you never watch high?

Buried with Ryan Reynolds, too claustrophobic.

What's the best idea you've ever had after blazing?

It’s impossible to eat corn on the cob because the moment you bite it off it becomes corn off the cob.

Skunky, Sweet, Fruity, or Gassy?


Joint, bong, vape or edible?

Joint or gummies, depends on the time and place.

Best tunes to groove to after a good toke?


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