QA Associate - Testing & Process Improvement


What is your driving reason to work in the cannabis industry?

This fledgling industry has provided more opportunity and learning experiences than other jobs would provide in twice the time. The people you meet working alongside you and riding the rollercoaster through all the highs, lows and in-betweens has really stood out to me as something unique. Because we are pioneers, a lot of the problems we face have never really been encountered before, allowing more non-linear problem solving than you can shake a stick at.

What kind of Industry changes do you hope to see in the future of cannabis?

Heavy and steady review of the regulations from top to bottom. A lot of the rules governing the cannabis space were implemented before a single gram was for sale, and quite a lot of time has passed since then. Regulators need to make swift and decisive action given the currently active climate to reduce hardships and hurdles that unfortunately hammer the little guys a bit rougher than most. When the grip finally loosens, we will see more growth in every avenue, particularly in innovation and sustainability.

What is your favorite legal market moment?

Receiving our first license for cultivation and getting to work with individuals from across the world who all were in the same stigma busting mood as the rest of us. When legalization first occurred, we got the green light and the plants started growing, it was easy to see that it wasn’t necessarily the first time for the vast majority of staff. It was however, the first time they could practice their craft, engage with the public, and be unashamed of their skills and profession. Without the insight from individuals who had been working around cannabis their entire lives, the industry itself would be years behind where it is after such a short amount of time.

What first interested you about growing?

The genetics! Being able to start large scale testing on strains was never possible before legalization. As soon as analytical labs were licensed and ready to go, the data just started pouring in. Cannabis had primarily existed in the pseudoscience area, so being able to start driving business wide decisions with trusted and validated test results removed a lot of the guess work and allowed unlocking the fullest potential of this extraordinary plant and the strains people have developed for years before.

What’s your favorite part of your day at work?

Problem Solving and Brainstorming sessions with the team! Every new day is never like the last and that can be for better or worse. Its rare a week will go by without something happening that requires every mind in the office. With a multi-disciplinary team, everyone on the team has their own approach and methods to approaching problems so chewing on a problem, even a serious one, ends up being fun and engaging. It helps iron out the stress and allow calm, methodical thinking even though deadlines and stress can really keep up the heat. At the end of the day, if you aren’t having fun and growing with your work, you aren’t doing it right.

What’s your favorite munchie/snack?

Unironically, its definitely “Munchie” mix. Cheetos, Doritos, Pretzels and Sun chips all in one place? Sign me up.

Skunky, sweet, fruity, gassy?

Definitely fruity. Not necessarily from the nose right out of the jar, but nothing beats walking the production floor during the harvest of a fruity strain. If you closed your eyes and you picture yourself in an orchard somewhere near the coast, you know its just right.

Favorite Calgary Restaurant?

Hands down, The Living Room on 17th ave. If you need to read past the cheese fondue on the menu, I don't know what to tell you.

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