Dry & Cure Lead - Trim Stage


What is your driving reason to work in the cannabis industry?

Cannabis has helped a lot of people find themselves and figure out who they truly are. Sharing the idea cannabis and its benefits to people has been a huge reason for joining the industry. Everyone should have a chance to experience this, to take a step back and appreciate what you’ve got.

What kind of industry changes do you hope to see in the future for cannabis?

I would like to see what I am buying at the store before I invest in an LP. The future of cannabis needs to have more transparency and consistency.

What is your favorite to smoke right now?

I am really enjoying anything from Misku. They’ve been very consistent, and I haven’t been disappointed in an eighth yet.

What’s your all-time favorite videogame to play after blazing?

Geometry Wars 2 for the Xbox 360

What’s the best idea you’ve ever had after blazing?

Don’t know if it’d work or not… “Smoked Buds” take excess trim and press into smoking pucks for a food smoker. Put dried buds in smoker - Add some extra flavor/resin to buds!

Joint, bong, vape or edible?


Best tunes to groove to after a good toke?

Progressive/Symphonic Metal

Skunky, sweet, fruity, or gassy?


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