Sr. Processing Technician - Packaging Stage


What's your all-time favourite video game when you're stoned?

More on playing mobile games like Mobile Legend. If there's a change to go back in time, I would love to play Contra.

What's your favourite thing to add to mac and cheese stoned?

I make a mac and cheese burger or pizza with chorizo, black olives and lots of white onion.

What movie would you never watch high?

Watching a horror movie feels weird for me.

What first interested you about growing?

To grow the best weed in the world. Not hunting to produce the highest THC but producing the well-balanced (with best flavours and aroma) weed that you can smoke every day.

What's your favourite part of your day at work?

Aside from packaging the most quality bottles for our customers. I would love trimming dried flowers to give our customers the best hand-trimmed weed for their satisfaction and craving.

Joint, bong, vape or edible?


Best tunes to groove to after a good toke?


Favourite Calgary Restaurant?


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